(from the Philippines)

Hi there! Welcome to my own "Space" :)

Whenever I have the chance to be away from "reality", you'll find me here in my so-called "outlet". I'm just a simple human being who laughs hard, eats a lot, loves dressing up and cracking jokes haha. I'm a home buddy, I could just stay in my room the whole day. Drawing, painting, listening to music, singing my heart out and cuddling my dog are my interests.

I also like blogging or writing in general,  I'm so happy to have discovered my love for writing. It has been my source of happiness since then. Expressing myself and talking about the things I'm fond of calms me.

To tell you honestly growing up I'm not into writing. So when I started blogging, it's just like an online diary that lets me express my thoughts without thinking too much. I guess when you're talking about your interests and something you love, you'll never run out of words because it comes from your heart.

Actually, blogging helps me improve my writing skills and enhances my creativity even more. And I love how this blog acts as a sort of "memory storage", it allows me to store all good memories, special moments and everything worth remembering.

Moreover, you'll be expecting a lot of random posts and loads of photos here in my blog since I love taking pictures. You will also see here my daily adventures and other stuff I like.

Thank you for dropping by!
I hope you'll be able to get a thing or two from my blog.♡