How to prepare the dress for wedding

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Wedding planning can be stressful and time-consuming that's why some prefer to hire wedding planners to get it all done. However, hiring such will cost you an addition to the expenses and budget.

Hence, DIY wedding planning is budget-friendly.
It may be tedious, but worry no more coz nowadays, everything are all accessible.

Online shopping is a great option for RTW and Made-to-Order Dresses.
But you should look for the best and reliable one.

And one of the online shops to consider is

Angrila has been a renowned and consistent brand as regards British fashion since its establishment in 1966 and is regarded as one of top Europe's fashion houses for bridal wear.
With its proud celebration of 50 years of continuous trading, Angrila has continuously provided original, exclusive beautiful styles to brides who are conscious about fashion around the world.

Staying at the forefront in both wholesale and retail, the Angrila label produces and wholesales exclusive designs for European department stores, UK and several retailers. Likewise, Angrila Couture has continued to sell directly to consumers through their new website since its launching in 2011.

Angrila offers different styles of Wedding Dress, Bridesmaids Dress, Mother Dress and Flower Girl Dress.

Shopping for the perfect Wedding Dress can be stressful but also a dream come true.
The bride should consider the chosen type of wedding ceremony, the budget, and of course her personal style.
The dress should perfectly represent her and something she'll be comfortable wearing.

Aside from the bride's dress, part of the wedding planning is the entourage.
In choosing the dresses for the entourage it should complement the theme of the whole wedding.

Bridesmaid Dresses

Mother Dress

Flower Girl Dress

If you like these pieces from Angrila's collection, here are some FAQs for your reference.
1. They can customize and personalize all the gowns and dresses according to your requirements.
2. You can choose a standard size or give your custom measurements. If you experience any issues with the fitting, they can always make a modification to make it fit perfect.
3. It usually takes 9 - 12 days to design, manufacture and deliver a bridal gown.
4. There might be a slight difference between the actual dress and PC color which is why they encourage their customers to order color swatches at first.
5. Their friendly and professional customer service representatives are available placing orders and tracking them till the end. They can be contacted to track the progress of your order, any modification or for any inquiries. They will keep you updated.
6. They ship worldwide.
7. They have a return policy.

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