Ghost In The Shell

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Hence the title, this is not intended as a review of the movie. But yes, I've recently watched the movie, it was a great one and as usual Scarlet Johansson was superb. Though the main point of this post is about the message of the movie that had a great impact on me, that's why I have these crazy not so crazy thoughts again.

There was a scene in the movie wherein Major (the lead star) had authorized the doctor to have access and delete her memory. I know at some point in our lives we wished we have the access on our brain, our memories to be exact and have the ability to remove all those uncertain things happened in the past. But just like Motoko (real name of the lead star), she was hunted by her memories coz "we cling to memories as if they define us, but it's what we do that defines us".  

Yes, memories are not the basis nor the definition of who we are, but it complete us as a person. 

As much as we want to undo unfortunate happenings in the past, we just can't, once done is done, it's another story to tell...a learning experience.  

Memory is a timeless treasure, a history that needs to be remembered and at times, it needs to be told.  

At one point or another, we'll look back to our memories and somehow be thankful we've experienced them because we'll realize that they happen for a reason.  

Memories or experiences make us stronger today and in the future to come.

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