Dear Teenage Self,

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When you start to reach 20s, your eyes will be open to the great unknown things. Adulthood will hit you with reality, with so much facts and wisdom. Having said that, here are few of the things  I wish I could tell you (there are a lot more but here are on top of my mind right now).

1. Fairy tales / Disney stories are not true, there's no such thing as wonderland, a perfect life / love story and whatnot.
2. Money can't buy happiness, it's half truth and half a lie. Coz frankly speaking we couldn't live without it. And in so many ways it will make us happy but of course those precious things in life are free.
3. You don't need to be perfect. Nothing's perfect even the world itself is imperfect.
4. Just enjoy being young, wild and free. It only comes once in a lifetime.
5. Don't get too excited to grow up or be pressured to mature.
6. Don't think time is running slow coz time flies so fast. So just live in the moment and make every moment worth while. 
7. Life will be a roller coaster ride. Many ups, downs and even turns.
8. Expect the unexpected coz life throws anything.
9. Not everything will go the way you want it to be. Things will not always go smoothly as you've imagined them to be.
10. You'll be broken over and over again but don't worry you'll get through it.
11. Nothing's permanent.
12. Be sure of your decision, go for what's best for you so that you'll not regret it in the future.
13. Always listen to your gut, it rarely fails.
14. Always go for what makes you happy, but still know your limitations.
15. People come and go.
16. Don't be too kind in this cruel world. 
17. Don't be afraid nor feel sad to say no.
18. Don't dwell on things too much, overthinking kills.
19. This too shall pass.
20. Everything happens for a reason. 

Sometimes we wished we knew these things when we were younger but I think it's still best to let time unfold them. That's the beauty of life. It's a constant process of unveiling.

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