On Repeat - Malaya

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I got hooked with this that I was inclined to write something related to the message of the song. So here I am trying to...this will be a short one aryt.

Just like what the song is tryna imply.
We won't stop unless we're so drained and have nothing to give.
We don't mind doing it even though we know what will be the outcome.
We will still continue even though it hurts so bad.
We will keep going on even if it means we'll lose ourselves on the process.
We will still be hopeful even though we already see it coming, the defeat.
You, me, us, won't give up unless we're done or when the only way to win is to lose.
We'll only free ourselves once we've lost the game.
And then we'll just say "at least I tried".
Same scenario over and over again.
But I think thats the way things are, we're just being human.
We're vulnerable and have feelings.

Here's my fav part of the song...

Kung pipilitin pa, lalo lang masasaktan
Mangangarap hanggang sa pagbalik
Mangangarap pa rin kahit masakit

 "If I keep insisting, we might get hurt more
 I'll dream until you come back 
I'll still dream even though I'm hurting"

English translated lyrics here :  

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