Let it Out.

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In schools, we were taught that "writing is a form of expression". But as a naive young kiddo, back then I didn't seem to understand the sense of that phrase, or if it even makes a sense. Not knowing that it has a deeper meaning to writers, that it is so much more to those who love to write.

Just to give a short background, I hated writing essays, poems, stories or whatnot when I was still studying. But I do love writing yeah just writing notes or lettering, as a matter of fact I loved being a secretary of our class because I get to write on the board. Going back...I have classmates that were born writers at their young age, I used to envy them when we have written activity coz it's no biggie for them. As for me? nah-ah I don't know why but I always find it hard to even compose a  paragraph; I remember how difficult it was for me to finish a decent essay. And how I struggle creating a poem that actually rhyme.

As I was getting older, I somewhat have found a part of myself. I have discovered my interests and what inspires me the most. 

To expound that, back in college, during sem-break, I got hooked with watching vloggers and reading blogs every single day. It pushed me to create my own blog. I was so clueless yet so inspired when I was starting. But since I love dressing up and putting colors on my face, I started sharing about these topics. Then I realized when you talk about your interests or what you love, words will come out so naturally and spontaneously. It's like explaining why you love your mom in which you have plenty of reasons on your mind. And I love the feeling when I was able to share something out there. I found my love for writing since then, yeah I guess I'm a late bloomer. So I'm telling you it's never too late.

Let's go back to the above phrase, after years of studying, I've only figured it out this year. I was feeling so blue these past months and since I'm not an expressive type of person, I don't share my thoughts to anyone. One day, I was so bored, down and it felt like my mind wanted to explode due to mixed emotions and as usual too much overthinking. It felt like I needed to do something like a strange calling, then in a snap, surprisingly I found myself writing a poem, tbh it was not hard to made, actually it was so easy breezy coz it came from the heart. After finishing that simple poem which serves as a note for myself there was a feeling of relief and sort of fulfillment.

That very moment, I therefore concluded that all our teachers, those authors and their written books were so right after all, writing is really a form of expression. 

These phrases I've read from psychologytoday.com/blog/one-true-thing/201401/jane-hirshfield-why-write-poetry somewhat explains it all..."a release of something previously unknown into the visible. You write to invite that, to make of yourself a gathering of the unexpected and, with luck, of the unexpectable." These phrases pretty simplify the context of writing in general.

Jane Hirshfield also said in her article that there are " forms of writing—scientific papers, political analysis, most journalism—attempt to capture and comprehend something known." So whether you're a writer by profession, writer by nature or you just simply want to write, just continue doing what inspires you and what you love I may sound redundant but I just want to emphasize that. Don't be afraid to express your feelings or share your musing through writing. Don't think that you're being weird coz you're writing, it's better to be weird than boring right? Don't be ashamed of sounding cheesy coz when you're in love with someone you became cheese balls right? so same goes with writing, it's a normal thing. Make it as a tool for your growing ideas and creative juices.

There's so much to love and expect when you are writing. Writing is an on-going process of discovering, exploring and learning things; a continuous progress...So just go with the flow and let it all out.

...And remember to always go for what makes you happy.

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