Just Another Memory

by - 1:20:00 PM

All this time, I still can't forget you.
And all those moments of me and you.
I'm missin' you so bad.
And it's makin' me sad.
Here I am wonderin' if you still think of me.
Do you even care for me?

I still can't believe what you've done.
Never thought you'd let me down.
I keep asking what went wrong.
Coz I know I've fought strong.
You never said anything, I thought everything's fine.
And that you are still mine.

You leave me hangin'
Without saying a word, without even explaining.
And there I saw you with someone.
So that explains why I'm wasted & alone.
You're so unfair, life's indeed unfair.
I thought we'd be that everlasting pair.

Over and over again you're killing me.
I wanna wake up from this nightmare, please somebody save me.
I wish I could just erase our story, from my stupid memory
And I guess that's it, I need to face the reality,
That you are now just another memory.

...by far the longest I've done

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