Friends For Life?

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Friends are like brothers and sisters from another mother. 
But unlike real siblings, not all of them will stay forever.
It's like every year we meet different persons, get attached to them, then suddenly most of them are gone, and unfortunately only few remains.
Nothing is really permanent, the persons close to us right now may not be the same people in our lives for the next months or years to come.
It's a normal thing, people grow and tend to grow apart.
And as time passes by personalities change so you may not be in the same page anymore.
The things you jived with may not be that interesting to one of you as it used to be before.
Or sadly, for some strange reason, you just completely lost communication with each other.
It's totally fine, we meet every single one of them for a reason.
Maybe once their roles in our lives are over they really need to leave.
But still we have learned things from them and that they once made us happy.
So we just have to face the sad fact that "people come and go".
But don't let it stop us from being the best of friend that we can be. 

"The right ones for us will always remain." 

In addition to that, below vid really makes sense.

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