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StyleWe is not just any conventional online fashion platform out there, they believe that every customer should truly enjoy Designers at Your Fingertips. Having said that, they are working with talented fashion designers in able to provide a more personalized and diversified fashion items.

I really like the concept of this online shop, they enable every talented designer to pursue their passion. And their business name really fits the whole concept of the shop, which is bringing different designers and fashion covering different styles.

Currently they can ship to 7 countries: US, UK, Italy, Germany, France, Canada & Australia. Hopefully they can finally ship in Asia, especially here in the Philippines.

Aside from business matters, they also have their own blog wherein they share informative posts about fashion, style, beauty and lifestyle.

Here are some of the posts from that I really find helpful and interesting:

It's too early but I know we're all excited and looking forward for another summer season after this cold season. Getting the perfect bikini paired w/ nice beach waves hair is really the best combo when I'm thinking about summer look.

So here are the tips from StyleWe in order to achieve that perfect summer look.

Tips for Buying String Bikinis.

❤ Don't focus on the latest trends.
❤ Shop around for the best price.
❤ Make sure you're ready for a bikini. 
❤ Consider your body shape.
❤ Don't buy a bigger size for a more coverage.

Tips for Long Hair: Beach Waves Hair.

❤ Have a goal length.
❤ Access your hair's damge.
❤ Check the net for inspiration.
❤ Give yourself regular scalp massages.
❤ Take good care of your hair.

Hope you find this post interesting, til the next one! 

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