#TizzamOOTD : Themed Party Outfits (2015)

by - 4:30:00 PM

This has been a long overdue post, but as the saying goes it's never too late haha!
 And oh I just want to say that I miss posting here, it's been awhile.

Last year I've been attending a lot of themed parties which made me so excited to dress up.
These pieces were old stuffs I already have in my closet, when you're attending a party or any special kind of event you don't always need new stuffs, you just need to "mix & match".

Black Dress + Denim Bolero + Sneakers

HAWAIIAN V1 (for clubbin')
Crop top + Floral Kimono + Skater Skirt +Sneakers

HAWAIIAN V2 (luau party)
Floral Dress + Sandals

Themed or not, always make sure you express yourself through your style.

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