Unleashed 6

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This year I have experienced so many firsts and attending to this concert was one of them. It was my very first time attending an Unleashed concert (November 15 - since we arrived past 1 AM already)and it was hella fun...another one for the books! I really had a blast not to mention it was my first time attending a concert with my friends (I'm usually accompanied by my brother) and that it was not just a concert...it was the biggest pillow fight ever! To tell you honestly I'm still on a sepanx mode, I will never forget how fun and awesome it was...listening to good music by the best local and international DJs while dancing with my good friends! It's always fun to just get high with your friends.

This one's my favorite picture of us, the photo speaks for itself! ;)
Missed the event? Watch below video and get hyped!

Posted by Eve Tizzam Anastacio on Saturday, 14 November 2015

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