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I'm always grateful to have a very supportive and generous brother! He's my forever food and movie date buddy. Yesterday we've watched The Hunger Games Part 2 and then eat eat eat. This maybe a short post but this is my way of saying thank you to him for everything (even though he may not see this).

Sneakerheads baby!
I was very intrigued at the new cafe in Muntinlupa which is the Picked Cafe and Gallery, finally have eaten there yesterday. Actually the place has a nice ambiance though I hope they'll have free wifi soon haha! Everything we have ordered were delicious...okay except for the camote fries (not a fan), nevertheless I'm a satisfied first timer!
My brother ordered the black iced tea which is good. And I've ordered the Mango Lemonade with Lemon Grass which is my new favorite yummy and refreshing, the flavors were perfectly mixed and they compliment each other.
If you know me so well, you'll know that I love eating seafood and pasta, so having them combined together is an awesome thing! However, I always go for saucy pasta, never thought I would like this type of pasta that's mixed with just olive oil and not by tomato sauce or white sauce. 
First time to have eaten a black burger and this one's delicioso!
I may have said this several times but I would like to mention it again anyway...
that my brother is my fashion guru and up to now I consult him regarding fashion matters.
And as usual here's my ootd, actually I really had a hard time choosing what to wear that day to the point that I have changed couple of times. But I think this one's a good ensemble.
Just don't mind my big thighs okay? haha

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