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I've always wanted to travel with friends, finally made it possible! This was my first time to travel without any family member because I was not allowed during my teenage years. I can totally relate to those who have strict parents and who are youngest among siblings.

As I was saying this month my dream became a reality, I got to spend my weekend with my lovely friends. The original plan was to go to Baler on Oct 16, Friday night (we actually have booked for that trip) but unfortunately it was one of the affected areas of the typhoon "Lando". In order for this trip to pushed through we made a backup plan same day and we have decided to just go South since the typhoon was at North area. And the perfect place to be is at Batangas since it is not too near nor too far just the exact distance to be relaxed.

In all honestly, going to San Juan Batangas was not easy at all not mentioning we didn't know how to get there #commuterproblems. But as they say "Unplanned moments are the best ones".

For a safe move, we have decided to go to Blue Coral San Juan Batangas on Saturday morning after sleeping over at a resort in Candelarya. We don't have any reservations at all in Blue Coral, good thing the resort was not fully booked that day.

Though I've never been to any other resorts in Batangas, I should say that Blue Coral has all the amenities you need; the room is fully furnished and equipped. The resort has all the facilities and services you need for a truly relaxing and enjoyable vacation : swimming pool, game area, poolside bar, restaurant, water sports facilities and of course the best part is that it is beachfront. A really nice place to chill and relax with your love ones.

"As with any journey, who you travel with can be more important than your destination."

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