How to Choose Your Perfect Long Evening Dress?

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Not so often that we get to wear something glamorous so when the time comes you gotta be prepared to flaunt that jaw-dropping dress. So here are the 3 things to do and consider in choosing the perfect long evening dress.

1. Know Your Fashion Pegs. 
Check out the latest trends. Aside from looking at fashion magazines and dress shops, you could also get some inspiration via online stores. There's no harm in ordering online, you just gotta be sure that it's a well trusted online store with a great service assistance. WishesBridal is one of those reliable online stores wherein you could browse over plenty of dresses in different styles and the good thing is that they ship worldwide.

2. Find a Dress with the Right Feel.
By saying "with the right feel" it means that the dress should be something your comfortable with and it should match your body shape to ensure ideal fit. Choose something flattering and with just the exact size and length; something very well suited.

3. Stick with Classic Colors.
Sometimes sticking with the basic and classic colors is way to go; you could never go wrong with monochromes.

Here are my Favorite Long Sleeve Evening Dresses from WishesBridal.

A Black Dress is always a must-have! I love the intricate design, very modern.
And I really like that it has the right length and the long back is not that revealing.

As they say "Simplicity is Beauty"; the simplicity of this dress brings out and emphasizes the beauty of its design & structure.
I really love the criss cross detail but I would prefer the long back to be higher.

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” ― Coco Chanel

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