Forever Young

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This year there were so many good old trends that have made their comeback including the jumpshorts and platforms. Somehow these old fashion trends make me reminisce. Jumpshorts remind me of my childhood memories; when I was just a little naive girl with no stress, no worries and all I wanna do is play and have fun. While platforms remind me of my old favorite girl group...the spice girls, oh yeah aside from Britney Spears I was fond of them when I was young. Back then I used to own cds of their concerts that I've watched over and over again. Emma Bunton was my favorite from the five of them. Don't deny it girls I know you used to be a fan of this girl group and that you used to sing along with their songs. 
What was your favorite song of them? Here's mine...

Okay that's enough reminiscing haha! Anyway here's my modern take on the mentioned old fashion trends. 

Blings from

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