Comfort and Style

by - 12:20:00 AM

I will never get tired of wearing this comfortable outfit / style every single day. It's something that would always pop out of my head whenever I would think of an outfit to wear, in short this ensemble is one of my go-to looks. Oh yes TankTop-Kimono-HighWaistedShorts-Kicks is the combo that I have worn countless times. I just love the comfort it gives, this has been my trusted outfit since the day I first pulled this off. I feel confident whenever I'm rocking this look because it hides some of my unwanted fats (big arms and tummy). My addiction for this ensemble is currently at its peak, I can't stop collecting high-waisted shorts and kimonos. Comfort and style should always come together, wearing something easy to pull off and yet stylish looking is way to go.

Necklace from Romwe and Shoes from World Balance

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