#TizzamTravels : Tagaytay with FamBam

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My family loves rushing me whenever we are going out so I always end up unprepared. So sad that I didn't manage to bring my new toy (camera) with me huhu, I thought we're just going to visit my niece and nephew then eat breakfast somewhere near. Good thing I always bring my phone with me and it's fully charged.

With the great help of Waze, we landed to our destination safe and sound.

Our first stop was at Mahogany Market to eat breakfast. We ate Bulalo, Kare-kare, etc.
After roaming around Tagaytay, our last stop was at the biggest Starbucks in the country.

As I've said earlier, they love rush moments so I always end up wearing whatever I first saw and grab in my closet. In short my ootd is always simple and something I've already worn because I have no time to mix and match huhu. By the way I forced my dad to take this photo, that's why I only got one ootd picture, good thing it's a pretty nice shot.

Overall, this is another day well spent.

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