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So it has been almost 2 months since I last posted a decent update. To catch up with my "blog", I'm sharing these "worth blogging photos" which I've already uploaded on FB and IG last month.

Last month I got free two EK ride-all-you-can tickets courtesy of TIP, the company I'm currently working as a probationary. That's the reason why I almost forgot I have a "blog" lol; working girl again.

Anyways as I was saying last month I visited EK again with my bff, it's my third time. It was a very hot and sunny day.

The first ride we tried was the Disco Magic, it was my first time to tried that out. I was so stressed out and scared at first, I was even telling my best friend that I would back out lol but it was fun. It's the ride that will make you scream yet enjoy the moment.

Our second stop was at Rialto for a chill moment and because it's cold there, for short nagpapalamig hahaha.

While walking around these "kinda cool" guys caught our attention, after they performed we took photos with them. My fierce looking picture with them is one of my favs hehe parang kakulto lang lol.

After riding the Jungle Log Jam, my bff decided to ride Anchor's Away which I'm really scared of. And I swear that I will never ride this again, I really can't take this ride. I was so stressed out during the ride, all I did was close my eyes and hope that the ride will be finished anytime soon. I really hate that ride!

For a revenge our next stop after Anchor's Away was the Extreme Tower Ride which my bff is scared of. This ride is one of my favorites because I get excited being up there then being released downward, such an extreme and fun ride.

Then we decided to get wet again by riding another fav of mine which is the Riogrande Rapids.

Basically we end this bonding time by taking more pictures, watching the fire dancers and be amazed with  the fireworks display. You would want to watch the video below that sums up our EK Escapade; full video clips on my youtube channel.

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