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Dark lips are currently a bomb especially the wine lips; range from deep cherry to aubergine. Though you might think that this lip color is something extreme and not for everyday use, the best news is that this trend is extremely wearable. You just need to get the right color that will perfectly match your look by trying out different shades.

But sometimes experimenting different lipsticks is not that efficient and very time consuming. That's why I came up with the idea of creating my own version of wine lip color with whatever I have. 

If you know me so well you'll know that my go to lip color is red so I'll be using it together with a black lip liner to create the perfect wine lip color. This trick allows me to play with the intensity of the lip color; I can control and manage how dark I want it to be.

What You Need?
  • Black Lip Liner - used : M.n Perfect Eye/Lip Liner bought from Lazada
  • Red Lip Color - used : L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paint in Pin Up 
  • Lip Brush - used : bought from Lazada

1. Darken the lips first with a black lip liner. You could control its intensity by creating light strokes.

2. Once you have your base (which is the black lip liner), using a lip brush get an ample amount of red lip color and apply it onto the lips.


Tip : If it became too dark you could manage and control the intensity by blotting and layering to get the desired color.


Voila! A perfect wine lip color that's something different yet wearable. You'll love how this color looks good on variety of skin tones making it easy to pull off. 

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