Don't MESH With Me

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Aside from lace clothing...mesh clothing went on trend. Mesh details add a fierce edge to a look.
This Women's Glass Filament Splicing Shoulder Dress from is the perfect example of such fashion trend. 

I love how you can style this piece in many ways. 
(1) As a Dress : since it is a chiffon clothing, you should wear an undergarment dress that matches its color 

(2) As a Top : you could wear a tube (of same color) then pair it with a shorts or skirt.

As for me...I like pairing this mesh piece with a tube of same color and a printed shorts. Which allows me to style the ensemble in 2 ways at the same time; just by rolling it up and down. And since it is see through wearing a printed shorts add an extra umf to the look.

This Metal Style Lion Necklace from adds up to this edgy look. It really makes any simple clothing into something wow that's why I love this baby so much.

Dress - WS Dear |Necklace and Rings - Born Pretty | Bracelet - Hip Hop Bling
Shorts - YRYS | Cap - Von Dutch | Shoes - ShoeBox

PS : So sorry for the lame edit :/

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