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Sharing this routine (3 easy basic steps to keep in mind) I do in achieving that Perfect Eyebrows. 
I'm not a Pro, it just happens that I love makeup and got the hang of using such. I believe many girls would agree that having your eyebrows done will really make a huge difference to the face or makeup look. And if you're like me who isn't gifted with full brows (well good for those who have full brows, I envy you), you really need to make time for lining your eyebrows. 



>> First thing to do is lining the eyebrows which will serve as a guideline.
  • Before you line your brows you should know first the right brow shape that fits your face shape. Below pictures (c/o wikiHow) will show you how. 
Note 1: For a safe move, following your own natural eyebrow shape is way to go. 

>> Once you already know your right brow shape you could start creating your stencil. ATM I prefer using a matte eye shadow or eyebrow powder because it lasts longer. Use a thin angle brush (I like it damp) in applying this kind of product onto the brows. But sometimes I also use pencil for a more precised look. 

Note 2: Choosing the right color of an eyebrow product is a must; 
             it should be a shade close to your hair color.

>> If you're stencil's ready...make light strokes following the direction of the hair, fill in the spars area (don't put much product on the inner corner for a more natural looking brows). 
  • Don't create an arch where there isn't.
  • Concentrate on the tail end part of the brows. Darken it a bit (not too much) coz sometimes the brows don't appear nicely on pictures or kinda look blurred for some reason (because of the flash and whatsoever). 

Tip 1: You could also use pencil first for creating your stencil or guideline. Then use an eyebrow powder or a matte eye shadow to fill in the brows. Using these two products at the same time will create a more defined yet natural looking brow finish. 



>> Next, using an eyebrow comb or spoolie gently comb the brows in shape to make sure that they're in one direction and to spread the product evenly for a more subtle and natural look.



>> Finally set the formed eyebrows using an eyebrow gel or mascara (I'm currently loving ELF's treat and tame - I just use the tame portion) to make sure the brows last and stay in place all day. 

It can be clear or tinted, but I prefer tinted ones to give more color. Make sure to choose the right tinted mascara that would perfectly match your hair color.
  • An eyebrow product is already enough color for those who have full and dark eyebrows so I suggest you stick with clear mascara. But if you really want to use a tinted one, you should get a lighter shade to make sure that it is not overpowering. 
  • And if you're eyebrows are thin (like mine) you would wanna prefer using a tinted eyebrow mascara to give more color to your brows. 


Tip 2: You could also put a cream concealer (one shade lighter than your skin color), using a flat tip brush apply some on top, underneath and outer arch to clean the edges and achieve a more clean looking brows. Blending is a must so that it won't appear too light.


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