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Every girl needs a good foundation. We should pick the right foundation that will match our skin color; something that will suit us and will enhance our skin even more. I’m not fond of using liquid foundations coz most of the times my skin gets irritated when I’m using such. I also don’t like its sticky sweaty heavy feeling on the face and sometimes your face look so cakey. That’s why I prefer using a Cake Powder Foundation. It looks more natural, flat and matte on the face.

        2. CONCEALER
As per its name, it conceals those dull areas of the face. I like concealer that has a powdery matte finish. I use this to brighten up my eyes (that also serves as a base before putting an eye shadow) and highlight my T-zone area (which also prevents my T-zone area from sweating once applied).

I feel incomplete (oa) whenever I don’t have my eyebrows done. It really makes a huge difference to the face and to the makeup look. And since I’m not gifted with full brows I really need to give my brows the perfect line. I don’t stick to one type, every now and then I use different item; it depends on my mood really hehe. I use pencils, cake powders and gel types.

        4. BLUSH ON
It gives that perfect glow on the face. And we girls want that rosy cheeks right? That’s why I prefer using pink ones more than anything else. And I like blush on with shimmer.

And last but definitely not the least, my all-time favorite red lipstick. I don’t know but there’s something about this lip color that makes you look fully made up and so much better. I love using red lipstick because I feel pretty whenever I have it applied on my lips, nah just kidding. Seriously speaking though, it gives me that confidence to feel good about my look. Not mentioning that it has a perfect register on the camera that gives me the perfect shot hehe. And above all else, I really think that this is the perfect lip color for us morenas.

Note : Not because it is expensive it is the best for you. In choosing the right makeup, you should always consider your skin type and what matters most is that it suits you very well.

There you have it; my top 5 makeup must-haves. What’s yours?

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