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Finally an outfit post to share here in my oh so called blog??? LOL. Though our internet's back and that I bought myself a smartphone with decent camera few days ago, so there's no reason for me not to continue with my blog life, I'm not motivated to do so. I just get myself busy with watching videos instead, especially NBA and Ian Eastwood's. And another reason is that I tend to upload those blog-worthy photos on instagram right away, I don't manage to keep them posted here in my platform. But I know there will always be something that brings be back to what I love doing. 

Having said that here's a short outfit post to share here, this is what I wore during yesterday's errand. Crop top + high waisted bottom will always top in my go-to looks. And I'm currently obsessed with's knuckle ring set and multi-row chain necklace. These accessories really give that extra umf to the outfit especially monochrome ones. For my make-up, I always go for that fresh look; powdered face + perfect lined brows + check eye + rosy cheeks + red lipstick is way to go.

Accessories used :

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