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So excited to share my yesterday's bonding moments with two of my close friends from college that I haven't seen for a long time. We always make plan but it won't happen. And we're so happy that finally yesterday was the day it pushed through.

Ruby and I met earlier than our other friend, Ruby's my best friend in college by the way. We decided to ate lunch at El Pollo Loco coz we can't find any other interesting restaurant to eat to. And we didn't want to eat at Jollibee, Mcdo, Kfc and any other fast food chains that we're sick of eating. 

Though we regret eating at El Pollo Loco, we're not satisfied of its taste. They even gave us something that we thought was burrito so my best friend brought it. Then when we finally decided to open it, it's just a lumpia wrapper for god sake who will eat that alone? Because of annoyance my bff torn it into pieces lol.

When Eiji finally came we watched "That Thing Called Tadhana" the movie was hilarious we can't stop laughing; 
though I didn't like that it was open ended. But nonetheless this is a must-watch.

After watching the movie we searched for a place to eat and bumped into "Gumbo". At first we're hesitant to dine in coz it was our first time there and not sure about how the foods would taste. Since the menu is pretty much convincing to eat and that they had this promo that if we'll get their "Family Treat" we'll get free pizza or pasta of our choice for free.

Bottom line is that we were convinced by the promo hahaha nah we were so hungry that's why we ate there and we're so tired of looking for a nice restaurant. 

Before eating Ruby wanted to wear their headdress, good thing the crew was very accommodating she lend us 3 of their headdresses. We had fun posing with these stuffs haha so heavy though. 

Here are the foods we ordered, we're very satisfied with the serving and the taste; except for the fish fillet I didn't like it,
so many breading. But nonetheless for less than 900 (inclusive of service charge) the foods made us full.

We didn't finish the foods by the way. That's why we thought it would actually cater 4 p

Happy that I got to bond with these pretty ladies! 

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