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As much as I love Fashion and Beauty...every now and then I challenge myself in not limiting myself and my blog with those. So I decided to share something different. This so called "Reflect My Style" which is basically reflecting my style in designing a specific room (for this post it's the living room). It's like Fashion meets Interior Design; it's like challenging myself, my creativity to be exact. Not mentioning that other than Fashion Designing, Interior Designing was also part of my dream courses way back. Since they're very costly I ended up with a Business Course. And back then I was not really sure of what should I take up though I really knew before what I wanted but of course there were many things to consider. So having said that..I'm up for the challenge. It is something new for me (so bare with me since this is a first), at first I had a hard time creating a set but after some time I get the hang of it. Interior Designing is somehow connected to Fashion...they share the same points. You just have to mix and match and know your personality and style.

I came up with two sets. If you know me well I dress up in hues but if I'm gonna style my own living room I want it to be in neutrals. I want something looking classy and elegant. I chose a white modern sofa as the centerpiece of my living room as well as the side wood chairs (used in both sets). In choosing the decors and accessories I still opted for something simple and clean but with hint of colors to balance the look. You can see that I used same sofa and chairs but see how accessorizing really changes the look of the sets just like in fashion accessorizing really changes the look of an outfit; it can make or break you. I can really say that these living room sets are something I would really love to have in the future (the first set is my most favorite). Something that reflects my style and my personality (because of the hint of hues and chosen decors). I hope you like it as much I enjoy doing this. :) 

Living Room Set #2

White chandelier, 12,975 PHP / Modern rug, 15,210 PHP / Allstate Floral flower arrangement, 25,500 PHP / John Robshaw stripe throw pillow, 10,740 PHP / Modern furniture, 44,295 PHP / Wooden arm chair, 62,190 PHP / Modern furniture, 26,395 PHP

Living Room #1

Orb lighting, 12,975 PHP / White area rug, 2,190 PHP / Yellow home decor, 1,120 PHP / Parisian home decor, 8,055 PHP / New Growth Designs artificial flower arrangement, 41,160 PHP / Donna Karan throw pillow, 6,710 PHP / Mod furniture, 44,295 PHP / Glass furniture, 30,870 PHP / White wood chair, 62,190 PHP

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