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New blings from bornprettystore.com came just in time for my birthday last Dec. 19. I'm considering these babies as their birthday present to me since I received the package during my special day. 

The shipping took one month which is just in time since it usually takes 4-5 weeks to receive a package coming from Hongkong to our place here in Laguna, Philippines. Actually I really had a hard time choosing accessories from their Jewelry & Accessories section because of the wide range of selection. But these three accessories caught my attention.

First is the Chain Necklace which is part of my bucket list. Nice thing that it is lightweight (coz some chain necklaces are very heavy) so you won't worry that it will irritate your neck and you can wear it through out the day. This necklace will turn your outfits into something classy and elegant looking. 

Second is this "Love Me" Statement Necklace; I've been wanting to have a statement necklace since I discovered its existence. What I like about the statement necklace is that it gives any plain outfit an extra umf (did you get my point? hehe) what I meant was it makes anything simple looking fab. 

Lastly I received this Midi Ring which I actually find really unique and fashionable. 

And if you're still on Christmas shopping you gotta check out this lovely online shop that sells fashion items at the lowest price. For as low as 0.99 you can buy something beautiful and with quality. And you'll surely love that they offer free shipping worldwide which saves a lot of money since we all know how much shipping fees are very costly and there are a few shops that offers this. And what I love the most is that they are very accommodating, helpful and they reply to their clients really fast. Shout out to Jenny of their PR Department who's in charge of their Jewelry & Accessories, thanks for the great assistance!

You can enjoy 10% off when you make a purchase at bornprettystore.com using my coupon code : EEVT10

Accessories used :

Disco Ball Bracelet - hiphopbling.com

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  1. ibang klase haha dami sponsor ate ah! cute nung mid ring <3


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