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Christmas is really around the corner, we've been feeling the cold breeze lately. So why not share a Christmas outfit idea. 
I've been trying out this ensemble lately though I haven't worn this yet outside. I just like fitting my clothes when I'm bored at house. I mix and match them to create different looks. But these pictures were just taken yesterday using my brother's Samsung S5 (yeah still don't have a new cam yet so please bare with me). 
When I first tried this ensemble few weeks ago, right at that moment I thought that this would be a great Christmas outfit. As you can see this is a white and red outfit which are Christmas colors. 
And since the cold breeze is around the corner you gotta grab the opportunity to wear sweaters. I paired the white sweater with my fave red skater skirt (been obsessed with high waisted skater skirts lately they bring out your girly vibe, not mentioning they hide my big thighs and my belly hahahaha). 
I tried using two sets of accessories for this outfit below is the first set.
This red chain necklace from jewelrycoco.com can also be used as a bracelet by just wrapping it in the wrist.
Here's the second set of accessories.
I hope you like my Christmas outfit idea. I promise to blog more outfit posts once I own a new camera. Advance Merry Christmas guys may you have a wonderful celebration...til my next post!

Outfit Details :

Red Chain Necklace (used as a bracelet) - jewelrycoco.com
Disco Ball Bracelet - hiphopbling.com

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