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I just thought of creating a Blog Series entitled the "Slimmer Figure" edition (hahaha). I just like to share again my thoughts of how to achieve a slimmer figure by just dressing up and choosing the right clothes that will flatter the body.

No. 1 in my list of clothes that will make everyone look slimmer are the "High Waisted Bottoms". I'm fond of wearing high waisted bottoms since I've discovered its existence. Name it all from pants, skirts to shorts I really love those. High waisted bottoms create an illusion of an elongated and slimmer figure. And what I love the most, high waisted bottoms hide the "fatty" tummy. High waisted bottoms are perfect for short girls (just like me); those make us look taller. Personally I really love pairing high waisted bottoms with crop tops because it add sexiness to the outfit (my kind of look). 

It was my first time to make Polyvore Sets (what can you say about my creations?). Though I created an account there a year ago I don't know how to figure it out back then. What can you say about these High Waisted Bottoms? Hope you like the idea of creating this mini Blog Series "Slimmer Figure" edition as much as I do (hehe) :)

You could also check my previous post about achieving a slimmer figure : 

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