#TizzamOOTD : Beach Night Outfit

by - 6:00:00 AM

I wore this Sexy Beach Night Outfit (sounds like sexy bitch wtf hahaha! me ain't like that) few days back when I was in Boracay. About my outfit here; my top is a tube top that I turned into a bandeau bikini top (cool right?) I just accessorized it with a piece of cloth strap from Flaunt Sandals of course I made sure that it's clean. Then I turned my tube dress into a maxi skirt. What's the nice thing about this outfit is whenever you feel cold already you could just lift the maxi skirt and wear it as a dress again. :) What do you think of this outfit? :)

Awesome fire dancers at ze back.

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  1. Such cute pics


  2. ate, you don't know how much i miss reading your blog posts. I've been checking for a new one until now. yey! nice skirt! d ko keri yan ksi malaki tiyan ko. :(

    1. aw thanks sis naging busy eh ano ka ba keri mo yan high-waist naman :)


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