#TizzamTravels : It's More Fun in Boracay

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I had a great vacation experience at the very famous Boracay Island Paradise. Oh yes! it's such a paradise, gotta beach lovin ya know! 

And I'm missing the scenery there T.T how I wish I have a nice camera so that I could take much more pretty pictures when I was there but nonetheless you can see here how really nice the island (more photos of the island here : The Beauty of Boracay). 

So sad that we don't try more activities there (so pricey) we just opted to go for Island Hopping (hoping I could try those cool activities in the future). I'm grateful to have awesome brother that made this vacation possible. I'm looking forward to more trips like this.

Welcome to YAPAK BEACH (PUKA SHELL BEACH) Few people are visiting this place so if you're looking for a quiet place go here, it has a sense of exclusivity. And the wave here is more intense than in White Beach.

hashtag against the light LOL and btw I made my bandeau bikini top here 

P for Pretty? Hahaha joke joke joke!!!

I just don't like the fact that someone put her name on this letter tsk tsk!

Groto in White Beach Station 1

The famous Jonah's Fruit shake...This is Vanilla Choco Banana 

Lovin' this look up photo of me and my brother hehe aren't we so cute? hehe

My awesome shot of my brother dear, he's slim in this photo thanks to me Hahaha!

Finally got to wear this BIG SHADES from Choies. I can't wear this during any typical day and place since it's too big (didn't expect it to be this big when I ordered this). It is perfect for beach ya know!

This wall art is just so pretty, lovin' the wings and the falling feathers over there..artsy artsy!

Like what I've said in my last post Boracay gets tourists from different parts of the globe.


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  1. your photos makes me want to go to boracay again. huhu
    first order ko sa jonah ay yang vanilla choco banana kya lng nagsisi ako ksi mas masarap pla ung watermelon. and nag consti ako dhil dyan. haha
    d kmi nun nkapunta puka beach pero nakapag picture kmi dyan sa groto.
    i love boracay more during my first visit kasi nung pangalawa ko na, mas malumot na sya at masyadong mraming tao pero other than that, i still love bora.
    sorry haba kwento ko.

    1. miss ko na nga bora sis sobrang chill dun though ang gastos mamuhay dun haha akalain mong tumama flavor haha di ko kasi alam oorderin eh nakita ko my choco yun na mahilig kasi ako sa ganon haha nako sis ganda sa puka onti tao grabehan din yung wave e tatangayin ka haha keri lang sis mana ka sakin eh makwento ;)


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