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Last Sunday (August 11) I attended a Debut Party. Actually I don't know the debutante, since my brother was the host that's why I was there (nakikiparty haha!!!). 
It was held in Bali Garden, the place is nice, perfect for special occasions and 
the foods were good.

It was my first time to witnessed my brother hosting an event, he was great!!! 
He sang "The Prayer" for the opening and some people applauded him even though it was a doxology number, can't blame them he really nailed that song kudos to my brother dear!!!! Not to mention he had a cold + phlegm; and that I've heard him sang that song many times but then I was blown away!!!That song perfectly matches his voice. 
He also sang "Ikaw" (Filipino Song) for intermission while the guests were eating just to entertain them and of course he did great again! :)
In totality the event was a success even though the weather wasn't good coz it rained, 
the guests still attended and enjoyed the night. I can say that it was a memorable and touching moment for the debutante, hearing those lovely messages from her love ones. How I wish I could turn back time and become 18 again and have a Debut Party too. (*sigh* dramarama LOL)
By the way high way hahaha let's talk about my *nakiki-party* outfit :). I finally wore my dress that I won from Priceless Possessions and Giddy Chic Blog. (Forgive me I forgot to wore a strapless bra :/ ) The dress is too short for me so I need to pair it with a bottom. 
And it matched perfectly with my Choies leggings :). I paired my outfit with a gold shoes just to give the outfit a nice color. I also accessorized with my nice blue earrings with that gradient effect (ah basta yun na yun haha) and a blue ring. Hope you'll like/love my outfit 
as much as I loved it! <3

Outfit Details

PU Leather Net Yarn Lace Leggings - Choies
(Leggings of candy color yarn network.Comfortable, casual and fine workmanship.Simple fashion, the trend of sexy.)

Nica Metal Toecap Court Shoes - Sidewalk

Accessories - Thrifted

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  1. Iba itsura mo dto ate! Sexy ahh. Mas bgay syo nka ipit ung buhok.

    1. oh? true ba sis keri lang? hehe naiilang nga ko pag nakatali hehe pero more on nakatali na ko di hassle eh hahaha thanks sis ;)

  2. you look so sexy :)


    1. aw thank you so much dear btw your blog is very informative ;)

  3. Words can't describe how much I love your outfit! It just has everything I like!

    1. Aw I'm so touched!thank you so much my dear lucy you're so sweet :)<3


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