#TizzamOOTD : Fab Lazy Outfit

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It's time to wear sweaters....(yeah rainy days ahead). Sometimes we're so lazy to dress up during rainy season then we end up wearing "lazy outfits". But we can wear them and yet still looking fab, just accessorize your outfit to make it more appealing.

I'm wearing the sweater that my mom gave me. Then paired it with my denim shorts ... 
it was a pedal shorts before, oh yes I turned it into short shorts mehehe and I also made the ragged designs over there hihi. Isn't it nice? :) The outfit is simple but it became more appealing because of the belt and the gold accessories from Yellow Sparklers.

See, accessorizing is the secret to making the most out of any outfit. 
It is a great way to make an outfit look more fashionable.

 Outfit Details

Sweater : Wanko
Shorts : Basic House
Accessories : Yellow Sparklers
Belt : Thrifted
Eyewear : Thrifted

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  1. nicee shorts ate! anggaling ah, nilagyan mo pa ng butas pra mag mukhang ragged ung look

    1. thanks sis oo lakas trip no hahaha

    2. hahaha okey nga eh! ako gusto ko nga mag dye ng shorts eh!

    3. bet ko din yan makagawa nga minsan :)

    4. gusto ko rin eh, wala nga lang time tska bka hindi ko ma perfect, sayang shorts


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