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I've received these from Cookie Butter Philippines today. I acted like a kiddo when I was opening the package. Who will not be so excited to open and try out these delicious foods.

Cookie Butter Philippines is an online shop selling yummy goods. 
They get their stocks from different states in the US.

Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter has been a huge talk of everyone. Most especially through social media, even celebrities were hooked to this product. And it has good feedbacks.

People are into this product too. I also read good feedbacks about this product. 
Some says it has the same taste with TJ’s Cookie Butter. 
While some are rooting for Lotus Biscoff Spread.

They have a difference in color and of course in taste. Cookie Butter taste like a peanut butter, it has a nutty taste in it. While the Biscoff Spread is very creamy and kinda reminds me of a caramel taste. Both are good, it depends on everyone's preference on which is better. For me I like TJ's Cookie Butter but I LOVE the Lotus Biscoff Spread.

I find the Lotus Biscoff Spread more delicious than TJ's. Because it has a smooth texture and it melts in the mouth. And I love its perfect sweetness and creaminess. 
It is not only a good combination on breads or biscuits but it will be a perfect syrup on ice cream or any other desserts. The taste is just heaven!!!!

Everyone must be open in trying other products; we shouldn't be stuck in one product. Because sometimes there's a product which has a good quality and quantity also or sometimes it maybe better than the one we’re used to.

I also tasted the Lotus Biscoff Cookies which is also good.

My new fave is the two-bite brownies. Like what is written on its packaging 
it's very moist and fudgy. When you chew the brownies there's chocolate bursting out yummyyyyy! :)


Trader Joe's Cookie Butter : P 450 / jar Lotus Biscoff Spread : P 450 / jar
Lotus Biscoff Cookies : P275 / pack
Two-bite brownies : P 140 / pack

Contact Details of Cookie Butter Philippines

Phone : 09172420082
Email : cookiebutterphilippines@gmail.com

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  1. I haven't tasted that or even heard of the brand name.. hahhaa but they loooooook so yuuuuuuumy! :)))

    1. You have to try them girl hihi the biscoff spread and the two-bite brownies are so delish! hehe finafollow na kita before pa you have a nice blog! xoxo! :))))

  2. d ko na mkita comment ko dto -__-
    pero khit 2nd time, ko na sya nkita, ngugutom prin ako. bakit nmn ksi anmhal nung speculoos. haha gusto kong itry din. kainggit! hahha

    1. weird nga minsan naglalahong parang bula mga comments miss ko na nga tong mga to!!!

  3. Hi, i also ordered goodies from CookieButterPhilippines but until now wala p rn ang order ko :( matagal b tlga ang delivery nla? Their fb account is inactive na.. and no reply from emails. Do have any contact number with them? Hope to hear from you. Thanks!


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