#TizzamOOTD : All Black Outfit

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You could never go wrong with an all black outfit.

I just paired it with a blazer to make it a formal look. But for a casual look you could wear it without a blazer. Black is a very versatile color. You can pair it with any color you like. 
And it can be worn during any kind of occasions. It is very simple yet classy. 
It will also give you a fierce, sexy and sophisticated look.

Outfit Details

Blazer | Top | Bottom | Accessories | Belt - Thrifted

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  1. nice look!:)


  2. Is it okay to wear an all black outfit for a corporate attire? I need to wear na po kasi sa school. Hihi :)


    1. of course dear :) but if you're not used to wearing an all black outfit you could pair it with a colored blazer... Or your blazer and bottom are black then a colored top. As much as possible stick with neutrals and remember not to accessorize too much, the lesser the better. I hope these tips will help you, Good luck dear! :)

      ps: depende rin kung may maarte kang prof/s sa kulay haha

  3. un oh! taray! musta interview? :)

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