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"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." Neale Donald Walsch

It was a black day but we're not sad, we're all happy! This was the day we've been waiting for. Finally long years of studying came to an end. All the cramming, rough and stressful moments were all worth it. It all paid off once we heard our names and marched on the stage. I'm all smiles while walking and receiving the dummy diploma. 

Outfit Details

Dress : Petit Monde
Heels : Fioni - Payless

Tiis-ganda outfit
Vintage Look? :)
Mudra's Aurahan Look di papakabog kala mo gagraduate din siya hahaha
My Bebe Rubs :)
We didn't plan what to pose it just happened 
because we're twins! :)
Be Eiji :)
I'll gonna miss my baklings huhuhuhu
My forever seatmates hahahahaha!
Isaiahbeybs and new found friend (seatmate during grad day)
Now I have to face the Real World.

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  1. Congratulations! You look stunning in your petit monde dress :) you're so friendly you found a friend already! I hope that if you become a top blogger in the near future, you'll still be as friendly and humble as you are right now!

    1. Thank youuuu bakit ba ang bait bait mo kaiyak loljk stay friendly also. :) Nako imposible ata yang maging top blogger hehe dreaaaaam lang hehe. I hope we could meet each other someday stay nice! :*

    2. ikaw pa! nkita ko nga na pang no. 69 kna sa side bar mo! congrats uli! Yes, sana nga magkita tyo someday. It would be nice to meet a blogger like you.

    3. thanks! oo push natin soon bonding-bonding hehe.


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