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1. When doing my makeup I like starting with my eyes first. Put a light blue eye shadow all over your eyes. Then put a dark gray eye shadow on the outer eye lid on the crease, Blend them up. 

2. Put a liquid eyeliner : thin on the inside going thicker on the outside. Put some mascara (or if you want falsies) then curl your lashes.

3. Use a light colored eye shadow to highlight your brow bone and on the lower lash line.

4. It's time to fill in your eye brows I combined two eyeshadows (light and dark brown). I used the same colors to contour my nose because it compliments my skin color.

5. Put some powder and blush on. Then Contour your face.

6. I used the Nichido love spell lipstick on the outer part of the lips then a lighter colored lipstick on the inner part.

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  1. thanks for the tip! I would love to get this look. whenever my sister tries to put some make up to me, she always put some liquid foundation first before anything. :)
    I like your lipstick! haven't heard of love spell before. Is it sold in watsons?

    1. Push! I would love to see your photo when you already try this look Good luck!
      It's Nichido (Love spell - shade) :)

  2. thank you! if its nichido then it is sold in watsons. Will try to look for it!


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